New – Co-ownership trainings and events calendar

SolutionCondo, a leader in co-ownership management, emphasizes the continuous training of its employees and has launched a centralized calendar of events and trainings in co-ownership.

At SolutionCondo, we have always placed our employees at the heart of our success. We are convinced that their continuous development is essential to provide our clients with outstanding co-ownership management service. That is why we invest heavily in their training, offering the tools and resources necessary to excel in their field.


An innovative training platform for performing employees

To support the development of our teams, we have a training team in place and have implemented Talent LMS, an innovative online training platform. This platform provides our employees with access to a wide range of educational resources and tools, enabling them to improve in our industry, acquire new skills, and stay at the forefront of the latest developments in co-ownership management.


A centralized calendar for better information for administrators, syndicates, and co-owners

With the co-ownership industry now having several sources of information, as many paid or free initiatives are emerging, we felt it was appropriate to help you navigate them.

Eager to simplify access to information for co-owners, SolutionCondo has just launched a central calendar that brings together all the events and trainings in co-ownership available on the market. This calendar, available on our website at this address:, will allow administrators, syndicates, and co-owners to stay informed about the various initiatives organized by industry players and choose the ones that best meet their needs.


A commitment to the co-ownership management community

In addition to our co-ownership management services, we want to play an active role within the community by providing co-owners with access to relevant resources and information. The launch of this centralized calendar is part of this approach and demonstrates our commitment to making co-owners’ lives easier and contributing to better living together within co-ownerships.

SolutionCondo is committed to continuing to offer quality resources and trainings to co-owners to help them navigate the complex world of real estate management. Recently, we proposed thematic webinars.

For instance, in collaboration with the City of Montreal, SolutionCondo recently organized a webinar to inform co-owners about the regulation on the disclosure and rating of greenhouse gases (GHG).

During this webinar, SolutionCondo experts clarified the obligations of co-ownerships under regulation 21-402 and presented the services offered to support syndicates in this important transition. This webinar was a great success and helped co-owners better understand their obligations and obtain practical advice to comply with them. Similar initiatives will be organized soon.

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Optical fiber : What is it and how does it work?

Optical fiber internet is more than just a technology; it’s a revolution that has radically transformed how we communicate and access information. But what exactly is fiber optics, and how does it work?

This article aims to unveil these questions and understand how fiber optics has become indispensable for modern co-ownerships.

Understanding fiber optics: a powerful beam of light

Fiber optic technology involves an extremely thin strand, typically made of glass or plastic, capable of transmitting light. This light, far from ordinary, can carry data at astonishing speeds over very long distances.


How fiber optics internet works

Fiber optic internet converts electronic information into light, which then travels through these optical fibers to its destination. At the endpoint, the light is converted back into electronic data. This process offers unprecedented speed and reliability.


The advantages of fiber optics internet

Adopting fiber optic technology for condominiums offers numerous advantages over traditional technologies like cable or DSL:

  1. Speed: Fiber optics can transmit data at much higher speeds compared to traditional methods. In a large building, multiple residents can participate in online meetings simultaneously without compromising connection quality.
  2. Reliability: Less susceptible to interference, fiber optics provide a stable and reliable connection. This ensures uninterrupted service even when multiple devices are connected within the same household.
  3. Distance: Fiber optics maintain data quality over long distances, crucial for large buildings where signals must reach every apartment, even those far from the access point.
  4. Capacity: With fiber optics, multiple connections can operate simultaneously on different streaming platforms without slowing down. This means streaming Netflix in the living room while someone else watches YouTube in another room without any lag.


Fiber optic internet is an impressive technology with the potential to revolutionize communication and information access. With its numerous benefits, it’s no surprise that more condominiums are adopting fiber optic for their internet needs.

Integrating fiber optic ensures your building and its residents have the speed, reliability, and capacity required to stay technologically advanced.


SolutionCondo: Your partner for a successful transition

At SolutionCondo, we understand the importance of a reliable and fast internet connection for modern co-ownerships. With the expertise of our technical department, we will be able to assist condominiums in transitioning to fiber optic technology. Our team is ready to provide you with the necessary advice and support so that your building can fully benefit from the advantages of this technology.

Adopt fiber optics technology and offer your building the speed, reliability, and capacity it needs to stay at the forefront of technology.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take this essential step.

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