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The Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec (OAAQ) is a group of managers from all fields. Its members specialize in various areas, including property management.  The protection of the public is the primary mandate of this order, which has maintains an indemnification fund.

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The Association Québécoise des Gestionnaires de Copropriétés (AQGC) is the association which regroups the largest number of professional condominium managers in Quebec and aims to establish condominium management standards, to promote the profession of condominium managers as well as to establish an ethical framework.  For more information on the association, you can visit its website at

Mrs. Élise Beauchesne was elected by her peers on the board of directors of this association.  

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The order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec (CPA) is a professional association with exclusive exercise within the meaning of the Professional Code, that is an organization primarily dedicated to the protection of the public. Several SolutionCondo partners are members of this professional order.

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The Regroupement des Gestionnaires et Copropriétaires du Québec (RGCQ) is a consumers association who aim to transmit information to the general public, in particular to co-owners and administrators who manage their co-ownerships on a voluntary basis. The RGCQ promotes sound management and good governance in co-ownership. It ensures the interest of co-owners and administrators in this type of housing, but also that building managers deliver services that respect ethics. The main reason for being is the maintenance and conservation of the building.

Élise Beauchesne, President of SolutionCondo, was for almost 10 years (2009-2019) administrator of this association, before founding, with her peers, AQGC which more closely meets its objective of professionalizing the management of condominium buildings .

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Guide Habitation

This portal will help you find the condo that suits you. Since 2005, Habitation Guide has helped thousands of people to compare real estate projects located in the greater Montreal area, and in whole of Quebec since 2009. This repository gathers real estate advertisement websites as well as websites for a multitude of real estate products and services.

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