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Challenging and not routine

The operation department is also called customer service. The life of operations is unique in itself... Because we treat a wide variety of requests in support of the management of the buildings, but also because each day is different. The team works in collaboration with all the other department of SolutionCondo. We help each other in order to achieve our goals and provide the best service possible. If you are motivated by the challenges and customer service, and if being part of a unified team is important for you, the operation department is for you.



An effective and multitasking team

The administration team is one of our support departments for the management of buildings. The department staff deploys all its skills to optimize the communication with our customers, convoke meetings, write minutes and other administrative tasks useful for our clients. We must admit that the magic deployed daily is rather impressive! If you are passionate about administrative management and love to learn, come join this team.



The number specialists

The accountants are also part of the support group for the management of buildings. This department is responsible, among other things, of bank reconciliation, taxes and financial statements of the Syndicate of co-ownership, management and payment of invoices and accounts receivable, collection and preparation of deposits. This team also answers the co-owner’s questions about their condo fees balance. They are our specialists in numbers and they are always ready to answer questions about accountancy.


Building managers

The maestros

Building managers coordinate the daily life of each building in order to ensure its sustainability. They make recommendations and guide the Boards of Directors, in addition to presiding over the general assemblies. Our leaders are interested in all aspects of management: finance, building technology, legal and administrative concepts, etc. They have at heart the healthy management of the assets for our customers.

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internal and corporate services

A hive with a common goal

While the other departments work on providing management services to our clients, a very different type of bee is active to ensure that it all works well internally. Whether it is corporate finance, management of disasters or human resources, these people work with the same objective: that SolutionCondo remains the leader of industry.

Working at SolutionCondo, it’s…

  • Be a part of a large team motivated to offer a professional service
  • Acquire new skills everyday
  • Face numerous professional challenge
  • Evolve professionally, and personally
  • Change progressively the face of management in the co-ownership industry

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