Insurance problems in condominium

The insurance topic remains hot lately since many insurance companies want to reduce their exposure in the condominium sector due to an heavy increased of claims, mostly regarding water damages.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to understand how the condominium insurance works and the areas where the condo association can work to avoid problems with their insurance company or their co-owners.

Recently the Gazette wrote a series of 3 interesting articles on that topic :

Condo insurance splitting costs

Condo insurance: a dripping time bomb

Westmount condo owners learned insurance lesson the hard way

As well the Gazette published three scenarios where they explains who pays for what when there is a damage that needs to be claimed to the indurance of the syndicate. However, I would like to mention that the loss hat must not be claimed to the syndicate insurance due to a total value of damages below the deductible must be treated differently from the previous scenarios.


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