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Do you own a condo and want to rent it?

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SolutionCondo invites you to discover the Harmonie program offered by our rental management subsidiary Rentalys Solution, your expert in rental and rental management in co-ownership. Our Harmonie program offers all the tools to real estate investors to maximize the profitability of their rental condo, have quality tenants and respect the rental rules of the co-ownership building.

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Harmonie: a program dedicated to co-ownership rental

SolutionCondo in partnership with its subsidiary Rentalys Solution have created a program which aims to improve long-term rental in co-ownerships and comply with the specific rules of co-ownerships in order to improve the perception of rental in this mode of housing. Renting in co-ownership should not be taken lightly and it is often regulated. Many owner-occupant and board members do not like renting since the selection and supervision of tenants is sometimes carried out complacently by the owner-investors or their leasing agent, which causes problems for other residents of the building (violations of regulations, damage to common areas, disasters, etc.)

We are witnessing a return of sustained rental demand, with the housing shortage, the arrival of international students and temporary workers, many tenants wish to move to quality housing, particularly in co-ownership. Renting a condo has certain advantages for tenant residents and is increasingly popular thanks to the many services often available. In Greater Montreal, nearly 20% of co-ownerships are now on the secondary rental market*. (Source CMHC)

Condos are often more up to date and are attracting more and more tenants, who can access a range of services and practice all kinds of activities without having to travel. Condo buildings offer many amenities such as common areas or services: roof terrace, swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna, training room or gym, common lounge, urban chalet, coworking spaces, barbecues and other services or activities.

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Why choose the Harmonie program?

Hefty penalties for non-compliance with co-ownership regulations reduce the return on renting your condo. Our goal is to save you from this hassle and maximize your return.

  1. Rental services for your unit
  2. Complete property management services
  3. Processes in accordance with the co-ownership regulations

If you own a condo and want to rent it, and you do not want to take care of these steps, you can use the expert services of Rentalys Solution. You will have access to a team of professionals experienced in rental management and property management who master the specificities of co-ownership rental. All steps are taken care of in order to rent your unit to the best tenants and at the best price.


Harmonie is a program offered exclusively to SolutionCondo clients which supervises and improves the rental process for co-ownership units. Our program ensures in-depth verification of tenant candidate files and effective communication of co-ownership documents to the parties concerned.

The initiative was born from a recurring need for condominium managers to obtain information on residents and ensure due diligence in order to avoid the presence of bad tenants in their building.


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What does the Harmonie program support?

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The Harmonie program supports you throughout the entire process of renting and managing your unit.

1. Rental services for your unit: to rent your unit to the best tenants and at the best price.

  • Photography session and virtual tour;
  • Estimated analysis of the rental price;
  • Multi-channel marketing of your condo;
  • Coordination and management of visits;
  • Rigorous selection process for tenant candidates;
  • Drafting of the lease regulations and mandatory annexes of the co-ownership;

2. Property management services: for peace of mind during the term of the lease.

  • 100% transparent management software;
  • 24/7 telephone service;
  • Management of relations with tenants;
  • Collection and cashing of rents;
  • Sending mandatory statements and lease renewal notices;
  • Transmission of various communications to tenants;
  • Management of public service and resident service contracts;
  • Management of routine repairs;
  • Preparation and sending of payments for suppliers;
  • Accounting for revenues and disbursements;

3. Processes in accordance with co-ownership regulations: to avoid penalties.

  • Transmission of mandatory documents to the co-ownership manager;
  • Signature of the building regulations and the declaration of co-ownership;
  • Complete schedule of regulations for the use of your private area;
  • Rapid intervention with the tenant in the event of a violation of building regulations;
  • Validation that the preventive maintenance required by the syndicate is carried out annually;
  • Coordination of moves according to the building regulations.

The best technological tools


We work with UpperBee, the best property management software in the industry, and you have seamless access to it. You will be able to consult the rental summary (rent roll), current files, your accounting and much more.


Are you a foreign investor?


When looking for a property manager, we are looking not only for professionalism and reliability but also for the support of a trusted expert who masters the particularities of the local real estate market.

Rentalys Solution has a team of accountants able to provide you with professional support for your tax obligations as a foreign investor. This includes the possibility of acting as a tax correspondent (Canadian agent of the non-resident) with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Proper management of the required formalities is undoubtedly a crucial process for non-resident owners of Canada. Among these formalities are the payment of advance taxes on monthly rental income amounting to 25% on net rental income rather than gross rental income and updating with the CRA. To provide a complete service to our clients residing abroad, who may be residents or non-residents, we offer the possibility of helping them with the declaration of their rental income in addition to being the point of contact with the CRA to make advance monthly payments on their behalf.


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* Secondary rental market units are units that are available for rental but were not built specifically for the rental market, such as rented condominiums.


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