SolutionCondo uses UpperBee, the most powerful all-in-one software for condominium Management

financial aspect

Financial aspect


Allows to effectively manage budgets for the current operations and contingency funds. The contributions to the contingency fund can be made distinctly for each major structural element of your co-ownership building. Allows also to distribute the expenditure budgeted by taking in account the common portions for restricted use.


Financial statements

Easy to use module allowing you to quickly generate financial statements of syndicates of co-ownerships of all sizes.





Allows you to easily send emails to co-owners and keep the history of these communications.


Service requests

Allows a co-owner which experiences a problem (e.g.: water damage) to follow the evolution of the steps taken by the syndicate of co-ownership to resolve the situation.



Allows to validate if the quorum will be reached based on the people who have signified their attendance at the meeting.

Allows you to easily create a Notice of Convocation, an Agenda and Minutes afterward for Board of Directors meetings and the general meeting.





This is a place for open discussion where the co-owners and administrators can discuss and contribute ideas on topics of general interest. Everyone can submit new suggestions after reading other interventions.



Allows the administrator to seek the opinions of the co-owners on various topics. This can help in making some decisions without the need for a special meeting of the co-ownership.


Residents registries

Allows you to keep up to date co-owner and tenant information for the building.


Insurance registries

Allows the management the insurance policies of the co-owners and to make sure that each co-owner has the minimal civil liability insurance required by the declaration.


Contract registries

Manage the contracts granted to your suppliers, the renewal dates, etc.


Rule registries

Allows the management of the rules and regulations which were adopted in addition to those included in the declaration of co-ownership.

tout en un

all in one

all in one

tout en un


The Intranet gathers all the information of the Syndicate of co-ownership and makes it available to co-owners. It is also where the functionality is gathered, making it possible for administrators to effectively manage the Syndicate. The access to the Intranet is done via the Internet. This gives you access to the SolutionCondo web software, where ever you are.


Billboard of the Syndicate of co-ownership

Allows you to inform the co-owners on specific subjects (e.g. : moving out of a neighbor, next meeting of the Syndicate of co-ownership, etc.)


Software advantages

SolutionCondo uses a web software which evolves according to your needs

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively


With the possibility to access the UpperBee management software from any computer, tablet or cell phone connected to the Internet, it is easy for co-owners to inquire about the business of their co-ownership.

Moreover, the memo module makes it possible for your Syndicate to keep your co-owners informed via email notification. Which is useful, for example, when an elevator is broken, for the coordination of the windows cleaning, or to sensitize the residents to the rules of the co-ownership.

The memos module, forums, service requests, messaging and document management, as well as the mobile application are just some of the tools that allow better communication within your Syndicate of co-ownership.

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save money

Save money


Thanks to the SolutionCondo management website, it is possible to "do more with less".

Within the context of complete management, the management software enables us to document your building in detail in order to have all the necessary information at the ready to guide you in the decisions to be taken. Moreover, since we manage thousands upon thousands of condo units, it allows us to compare the contracts and the costs incurred by our customers to establish benchmarks and allow you to save even more.

If you wish to, the management modules also enable you to manage your Syndicate in an autonomous way, which can represent for your Syndicate of co-ownership savings in management fees which can reach 90%.

Save time


The software makes it possible to be more efficient in the management of your co-ownership, since it accelerates the accomplishment of day-to-day processes.

Thus, if you are with us in complete management, this saving in time enables us to devote more to value-added tasks which permits your co-ownership to progress well.

If you prefer autonomous management, the web software will enable you to ensure proper management of your building on administrative, financial and operational levels, while leaving you time for your leisure. Management of your co-ownership should not become the second job (often with no remuneration).

Whichever the management package chosen, our software becomes the collective memory of your co-ownership, preserves your data and the history of your Syndicate in only one place, which eliminates many worries.


Profit from
our flexibility


If you are one of our customers, several management options are offered to your Syndicate.

Autonomous management
Subscription to Web software only

à la carte management
It can be financial, or financial and administrative

Complete management
It is our management service made by our team of professionals.

Regardless of the type of management chosen, you will always have access to the SolutionCondo.com web software, and you can also change the type of management from one year to the next depending on your needs and the realities of your Syndicate.

développeurs logiciels

Software developers
listening to your needs


SolutionCondo uses UpperBee software. The UpperBee team works full-time to maintain and develop new functionalities of the web software.

The team of developers are there to answer your technical questions and to listen to your suggestions in order to continuously improve our management tools that we provide to you within the framework of one or more of our service offerings.

Price for the use of software

An affordable solution for self-management
Interested in using our software to manage your condominium independently?
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