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5 December 2023

New realities in co-ownership present challenges for management

Everything is becoming more complex due to the numerous new laws both in terms of the Civil Code of Quebec and in terms of municipal regulations. Since 2019, there has been more and more work, not only for boards of directors, but also for co-ownership managers. All this against a...

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Elise Beauchesne, CPA, CA, Adm.A
[email protected]

4 December 2023

Bill 31 proposal: important changes concerning the obligations relating to the study of the contingency fund and the building maintenance log based on the characteristics of the building

Following the recent adoption of Bill 31 proposal, the legislator is making important and significant modifications to the provisions of the Civil Code, all subject to the upcoming entry into force of the implementing regulations. BUILDING MAINTENANCE LOG -1070.2 CIVIL CODE The board of directors has a building maintenance log...

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Équipe de rédaction
514 935-6999
[email protected]

11 April 2023

REQ: new obligations for administrators now in effect

REQ new obligations

As announced in our previous article, the new obligations of the Registraire des entreprises du Québec (REQ) came into effect on March 31. In fact, it is now mandatory to specify the date of birth of each active administrator and provide a valid government identification document with the name, surname...

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Samanta Pilon-Langlois,
Directrice des Opérations
[email protected]

21 March 2023

Bill 8: relieving court congestion and thus accelerating co-ownership cases

Bill 8

Waiting times in the justice system are increasing and have been a concern for many years. For a Small Claims Court hearing, the average waiting times have increased significantly in recent years and now average 664 days, or just under two years. This represents a significant increase from the average...

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Sandrine Boisselier,
Directrice Marketing
514 935-6999
[email protected]

20 March 2023

Via your building’s web portal you will now have access to the new real estate brokerage service offered by UpperBee!

Over the years, many of you have asked us for references or sent us questions regarding the sale, rental, or purchase of your condo. Given the size of the network of properties managed with the UpperBee application, UpperBee management has deemed it appropriate to provide you with access to a...

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Sandrine Boisselier,
Directrice Marketing
514 935-6999
[email protected]

15 March 2023

Save thousands of dollars with the UpperBee partner network

did you know ? When you download the free SolutionCondo App, powered by UpperBee (accessible via the Apple Store or Google Play), you can access its network of renowned partners, experts in their field, industry leaders, who offer discounts, special offers or privileges, especially negotiated for you, and could allow...

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Sandrine Boisselier,
Directrice Marketing
514 935-6999
[email protected]


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