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Saturday July 1 2023

Amazon Key, another solution to prevent Amazon parcel theft in buildings

Amazon Key is a new practical and efficient solution to receive Amazon deliveries in residential buildings. The service eliminates the need for building managers to authorize the entry of delivery personnel to receive Amazon packages, while limiting significantly reports of stolen parcels.

But what is it ?

As part of a recent installation in a 70-unit building managed by SolutionCondo in Hochelaga, Kévin Dujardin, building manager, worked with the Amazon Key team to propose a solution to administrators. According to Kévin Dujardin, implementing this solution was straightforward, and the Amazon Team supported them every step of the way. The objective was to find a solution to reduce number of parcel thefts, while facilitating deliveries and maintaining the building’s security

The proposed solution met these challenges, as explained by Kévin Dujardin: “In addition, it’s a totally free service, with installation, maintenance, upkeep, and repair taken care of by Amazon. Also, in case of damage to the intercom caused by the box or during installation, Amazon takes responsibility for repairing the building’s intercom. You can also decide to have the device removed at any time.”

Installation of the system is free and takes about one hour. Also, with authorization, it can be carried out without contact. The Amazon Key device integrates easily with the Amazon delivery app and the existing access system to the building.

It works with the following technologies:

  • Key fob readers
  • Call panels
  • Remote door openers
  • Coded gates
  • Motorized doors and gates

Thanks to the Amazon Cloud, Amazon delivery drivers have unique access to the building, allowing them to deliver parcels without having to open the door for them via the intercom. Multi-factor authentication using the Amazon Cloud ensures that delivery drivers’ identities are verified in real time. As a result, they can only access the building when they are delivering an Amazon parcel.

How to go about installing it in the building ?

Kévin Dujardin explains: “It’s very simple, we presented this alternative solution to the administrators of the building using the “Discussion and vote” on the UpperBee platform we use to manage buildings. We were able to be proactive. The administrators were able to read about it quickly and directly online, ask questions and vote. The proposition was approved unanimously quickly. Then, once the Board of Directors had given its approval, I was able to talk to the Amazon Key team, and the installation was scheduled and operational within a few days.”

Is the experiment conclusive?

Kévin Dujardins explains that one month after installation, the system seems to be proving its worth: “Installation in this building is a real plus for residents. Since it’s been in place, we’ve been able to avoid delivery delays, but it also assures residents that their parcel is safely deposited inside, and therefore help prevent theft. In fact, there have been no complaints or reports of parcel theft in this building since the installation.”

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions :

  1. Can delivery drivers return in the building once they have completed their delivery?
    No, delivery drivers may not return in the building once they have completed their deliveries.
  2. Which buildings are eligible for the Amazon Key?
    Buildings with five units or more, that receive deliveries directly from Amazon, have a compatible electronic access system and are in an Amazon Key service area are eligible. You can contact the team to see if your building qualifies.

In short, Amazon Key simplifies and secure delivery of parcels ordered from Amazon in residential buildings. This free, easy to implement, no-obligation solution prevents delivery delays, guarantees package security and reduces theft.

How it works :

If you want to know more about this system, you can contact the Amazon Key Team.




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