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No butts in pots

Monday July 3 2023

No butts in pots

No, flowerpots are not ashtrays…

Summer brings greenery and beautifulness for many residents. However, each year, poorly extinguished cigarette buts crushed in flowerpots and flowerbeds cause more than a million dollars’ worth of damage, and lead to numerous fires.

Such incidents could so easily be avoided.

We think that dirt doesn’t burn. However, flowerpots is often mixed with fertilizers and organic matter to promote plant growth. Those are highly flammable.

Black dirt, mulch or any similar matter are made of peat, moss and copal that are a potential source of fire when they come into contact with a heat source.

The «Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal» (SIM) reminds each year during its awareness campaigns on extinguishing cigarette butts in flowerpots that: “Four or five hours may pass between the time when a cigarette is put out and the first flame appears, which can then spread to a patio, a balcony or even your home “.

The SIM reminds that everyone must be vigilant when extinguishing cigarette butts. If you must extinguish one outside, use an ashtray protected from the wind and put on a stable surface, or a can that is deep enough and filled with wet sand or water.


The importance of smoke detectors





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